Our First Crowdfunding Campaign – Murphy’s Law

Funded Campaign On Indiegogo Murphy' Law A little while ago we – Kirk (a documentary filmmaker and editor) and I (Rebecca – an Artist and Social Media Specialist) volunteered to help a friend (and one of Kirk’s former documentary students) with running her crowdfunding campaign.

Megan was making a documentary about her own life.  She had recently broken off an engagement and moved back to her parent’s house.  But, her parents were both dead.  Going through her parent’s things she found a journal that had long been thought lost.  The journal detailed her father’s bicycle trip across Ireland at an important turning point in his life.  Megan felt like this was a message to her from her father.  She immediately called Kirk and asked him to film her as she found her Dad’s old bike in the garage, got the bike ready, and got set to go to Ireland on her own journey of self discovery.  More can be seen about her film at her website: murphyslawfilm.net  or check out the campaign by clicking on the photo.

Kirk, as a member of D.O.C. (Documentary Organization of Canada), took over the campaign, took advantage of the partnership D.O.C. has with Indiegogo, and got a discount for the project. We helped Megan choose Perks, filmed campaign videos, and created the campaign page. We launched the campaign and then Megan left for Ireland.  I took over Social Media and other promotions of the project.  I designed posters, images, posted online, created and ran a referral contest, and more.  Meanwhile, Kirk worked on the campaign itself: editing and posting videos and other updates, sending thank yous to contributors, and more.

It was while managing this project that the need for an organization like Crowd Wise to help documentary filmmakers and other artists became obvious.  Megan could never have run the campaign from the back of her bicycle in Ireland.  Many other artists and filmmakers have similar problems.  Kirk and I seriously started talking about starting Crowd Wise while reflecting on this experience. We just needed someone to help with the financial and funding side of things (but that is another blog post!).

Our first campaign was a great success.  Megan achieved 103% of her goal and, perhaps even more importantly, built an audience for her film.  It’s been a couple years now, but, we have finally followed through on the idea that germinated during the crowdfunding campaign for Murphy’s Law and have started Crowd Wise.

If you need help with your crowdfunding campaign for an artistic project such as a documentary or art exhibit please contact us at info@crowdwisefunding.com or by phone at 647.281.9646.  We look forward to hearing about your project!

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