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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog. My name is Rebecca. My goal with this post is to introduce myself and explain how I became a part of Crowd Wise. That suddenly seems more complicated than it sounds. My educational and professional history can best be described as eclectic. I studied Psychology in University achieving a Bachelor of science. Then I spent time travelling to South Korea and teaching English and at various jobs back home in Canada. I decided to go back to school for a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies, with a focus on Environmental Education. Following that I taught Environmental Ed and then switched to volunteer management, building a volunteer program for a small rural nature centre. After finishing there I decided I wanted to go back to school again. I ended up taking a year-long Visual and Creative Arts Diploma. And – no surprise to anyone who knows me – I decided not to specialize in a specific art form but instead to learn as many as I could possibly squeeze into my time there.

In between I spend as much time as I can watching documentary films, doing arts and crafts, and volunteering with a variety of social justice, film, and environmental groups. One of the volunteer activities I often do is to run Social Media and blogging for various organizations. I learned this work by being the only person at a variety of workplaces who was willing to create and run social media. Eventually I got involved with working on a crowdfunding campaign (I finally got to the point!) for an independent documentary film, Murphy’s Law. The director/subject of the film was too busy filming and biking across Ireland to run the campaign and the associated social media. My partner, Kirk, was helping on the film, so I stepped up and took over the social media and other aspects of the campaign. It went great! I had a lot of fun, and we were wildly successful. I won’t claim all the responsibility for that success – but I know that I contributed by doing things the filmmakers couldn’t because they were too busy, or because they felt intimidated by the social media and online aspects of the campaign. And, since then, Kirk and I have been talking about doing more crowdfunding. We feel like there is no help for small artistic and film projects to get the crowdfunding they need while still working full time on their project. And, that is where we want to help!

Thanks for reading my rambling intro! I’m very excited that we are finally getting started on this project. I hope you are too.

Rebecca Niblett - Artist /Social Media / Promotions

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