Hello from Aline – Artist and Funding Specialist

Hello! I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my background.

Growing up I was involved with an International youth group for girls (I.O.R.G.) where fundraising for local and national charities was a main focus of the organization. This was the start of my fundraising experience. Since then I have organized and ran charity golf tournaments in my professional and personal life. In my previous job I gained experience working with a company that wrote municipal and provincial grants for festivals. Through this work I gained a lot of experience networking through meetings and social media. Prior to grant writing my background includes working at a bank, working as a payroll administer and accounting, as well as managing a Law Firm. These steps in my professional life gave me the experience to help manage and work in fundraising.

This year is my first year attending Hot Docs; it has been an amazing experience. I have felt overwhelmed at times with how much that goes on in our world that I and many others may have not known or learned about. Documentaries are the resource for this information. I have learned that many, if not all, of the recent documentaries have used crowdfunding. I am excited to be a part of a team that will help present and future documentaries get made. Through my experience at Hot Docs I have come to believe that this industry needs to grow and we need more documentary films educating people of all ages on the facts of our world and getting that information out to the general public.

I enjoy painting, photography, playing guitar and ukulele, and growing as an artist. Through Rebecca, my sister-in-law (amazing artist!) I have learned more about how the arts is an area that is always in need of support financially. Crowdfunding is a great resource for artists and I hope we can help get more art out there for people to enjoy and gain awareness.

Aline Lilwall - Artist & Funding Specialist

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